Triggering an outbound SMS Virtual Agent

You can jumpstart the outbound session from any platform of your choosing, e.g. Postman.
The query will look like the following -

Endpoint (mandatory)

The endpoint depends on the region you selected for your agent
For EU agents -->
For US agents -->

Method (mandatory)


Headers (mandatory)

You can find the X-Vgai-Key on the top right of your canvas. Click on the "user" icon, and then "Generate API Key".

Request Body

"to": "TO_NUMBER",
"agent_id": "AGENT_ID",
"channel": "sms",
"status_url": "string",
"session_parameters": [
"name": "string",
"value": "string"
If you want to create an outbound campaign sending a multitude of messages to different recipients at the same time, please contact our support team for help.