Stop Recording

The Stop Recording node can be used in conjunction with either the Start node or the Start recording node. It enables you to strategically stop recording at any point of the conversation allowing you to keep user data private.

If you choose to use this node as part of your agent, the reports for the agent will feature only one type of recording i.e. from the beginning of the call (or Start recording node if you have it enabled)

Once you have selected a point in the flow where you want to stop recording please note that you cannot choose to start recording the call again. You will, however, be able to see the transcription of the full call. You can only use 1 Stop recording node within your virtual assistant.

Here’s how to use it:-

Drag and Drop the node to the desired location in the flow

Drag and drop the Stop Recording node from the Toolbar onto the canvas. Connect it to wherever you want to stop the call recording.

You can use this node multiple times in the flow including subflows.

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