Events are all conversation and workflows executed through the agent.

These can be individual sessions between either agent and user or actions performed by the agent (like sending a text message or email, or API request). Events can be triggered fully separate from one another.

For HTTP agents, we currently offer only one event type:

API Event

The API event flow will be triggered by an incoming API call. This HTTP-event-based flow can be initialized at any time completely separate from the main flow from an API call platform such as Postman.

Use Case Example: A customer inquires about a certain product. The customer's database receives that information and uses this event to trigger an email with discount opportunities to the customer.

To initiate this event, click on the node, copy the endpoint and all other request parameters to your API platform of choice.

You can only use action-based nodes for this event, e.g. webhooks, custom code, etc.

You can create multiple API events per agent.

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