Intent Annotation

Marking entity values within a user expression

If you want to extract or utilize a specific part of the caller’s input you can do so by identifying a word or select part of the sentence.

Once you highlight a part of the utterance, you will be prompted to select a parameter you want to attribute it to. You can either select a parameter you have already added from the dropdown (@entity:PARAMETER) or create a new parameter on the spot.

How to use intent annotation

Example use case: Call Routing

You can use Intent annotation for example for an intent that is supposed to route the call. You might have added utterances such as “I would like to speak to John” or “I need to have a chat with Betty”.

Then you would go into the utterances and mark "John" and "Betty" as the parts of the contacts entity. When a caller would utter a phrase like this, the agent will know who to route the call to

Keep in mind that you will need at least 3 expressions and 3 annotations for intent annotation to work.

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