Take Message

Be available for your customers 24/7

Use this template when you want to make sure your business is available for your customers 24/7. Not only won't you miss a single call, but your agent will support your contact center by taking the caller's message or performing human-like self-service.

To use this template, simply choose it from the templates page when you create a new agent. You can then make changes to customize it based on your business needs.

Flow Overview

Step 1 - Starting the conversation

We start with a Speak node introducing the company to the caller and letting them know that they are calling after hours. The Speak node does not collect any input from the user.

Step 2 - Collect a message

We then ask the caller if they'd like to leave a message using the Collect Input node to relay the prompt and gather information at the same time.

In case we can't collect the caller's input, the agent will notify the caller the agent wasn't able to help and terminate the call, with e.g. "I'm sorry, I can't seem to help you. I will make sure my human colleagues will give you a callback as soon as possible." This means the No input and Missed tabs of the Collect Input node are connected to a Speak node and End Call node.

In the following Conditions node, we are classifying the caller's response. If the caller confirms, we continue to another Collect Input node that collects the message. If the caller doesn't want to leave a message, we connect to a Speak node letting the caller know that the call is going to be terminated.

Step 3 - Save the message

In order to save the message and send it over to a CRM for review, we utilize a Webhook node. If the API request to the third party service fails, we use the Speak node again to inform the caller that an agent will call them back and terminate the call.

To terminate the call after having successfully sent the message over to the third party service, we use a Speak node ("Thank you. I have taken your message. You can expect a callback shortly from one of my human colleagues. Have a good day!") and End Call node.

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