Legacy SalesForce Authentication Node

Please note that this node will be discontinued in the coming weeks. Update your virtual assistant with the latest integration to ensure uninterrupted service. Learn more here.

This node is part of the Salesforce Integration nodes and handles the required authentication to access your Salesforce domain. For this node to work it is imperative to have a connected app within SalesForce. Learn more on how to create a supported connected app here.

The following details are unique to your Salesforce account and can be accessed via the UI of your domain.

All fields are mandatory and some can be hidden for privacy reasons.

Field NameDescription

Client ID

This is the "Consumer Key" of your SF domain. You will need to create a connected app prior.

Client Secret

This is the "Consumer Secret" of your SF domain.

User Name

Your Salesforce username. This user should have admin access permissions to the account.


Your Salesforce password.


This parameter will save the access token you will receive from Salesforce upon approved Authentication.

Check if your password contains special characters such as a # .

If it does, please use URL encoding to change the format of your password. You can do this using postman.

E.g. instead of #42LBMDEH → %1242LBMDEH

Test your node

If you want to test your Salesforce Authentication node, you can do so by clicking on "Test Request" on the top right of the node.

It will open a new window that shows you Salesforce's response to your request in a raw JSON file. The previously defined parameter(s) you added in the Parameter tab will hold the access token under "Object Path" accessible when clicking on the "Test Results" tab.

In the example below, the Authentication was successful. Now, you can continue with the next action, e.g. requesting data from a Salesforce record with the Get Data node.

Having trouble with your request?

For error tracking, please have a look at Salesforce's detailed documentation.

Authentication EP:


Creating Oauth connected app:


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