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Vonage AI is a conversational AI platform built to handle complex interactions between businesses and customers, lowering operational costs and significantly improving service levels.

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The AI Studio Platform offers a set of software solutions that give businesses new ways to interact with their customers through voice and text, and for developers, a new way to design a voice interface for any commercial or personal use.

Studio is a No Code/ Low Code conversation designer that empowers developers and non-developers alike to design, create and deploy Virtual Agents that operate in natural language.

Alongside rich conversations with multiple flows, Virtual Agents can automate any process and integrate into almost any service out there.

Design flows by dragging and dropping modules and actions, making requests to backend services using webhook actions, and much more.

AI in action

The core of our solution is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered voice agent, which is built on Vonage AI's proprietary natural language understanding (NLU) algorithms to enable conversational interactions. In other words, a digital AI Virtual Assistant that is able to communicate in natural language, and doesn't require users to formulate their questions in a specific way, use certain keywords, or choose from a set of options.

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