Start Recording

Start Recording

Want to choose when to start recording a voice conversation? Use the Start Recording node anywhere in your conversation.

This node is particularly helpful in cases where you don't want certain parts of your conversation to be part of the call recording. Additionally, you can use this node in cases where you want to dynamically start recording based on a webhook response. You can choose to begin your recording at any step in the flow until the end of the conversation or until you choose to stop recording via the Stop Recording node.

This feature works best when the Record Call option in the Start Node is left unselected.

Here's how it works:-

Drag and Drop node to the desired location in the flow

Drag and drop the Start Recording node from the Toolbar onto the canvas. Connect it to wherever you want to start the call recording.

Please note that as of now, this node can only be used once in an agent i.e you cannot choose to start and stop recording in segments or multiple times in an agent.

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