Use the “Contacts” tab to assign an extension to your virtual agent. Each contact can represent a department or a specific person, as long as they have a direct line or extension.

You can define each contact by clicking on its name, or create a new contact by clicking “Add contact”. Once you’ve created the first contact, you’ll be prompted to fill in their details.

Full name / Department

You can use a full name of an employee, an extension number, or a department name. This name should be unique to a contact, as the virtual agent will read out this name to the caller.

In case there are two or more contacts with the same first or last name, or in case that two contacts share the same keyword (like “Marketing” and “Marketing Lead”), the agent will read out both possible options, and the user will choose between the two. Your agent will readout only the name under “Full name”, so keep it clean and user-friendly.

Call Preferences

You can choose between adding a phone number or connecting via SIP.

If your agent is prompted to call or send a text message to this recipient, this is the phone number/ sip connection used.

If you choose to enter a phone number, make sure to include the country code without the "+" sign.

For each Contact, under "Call preference" there will be a SIP option.

Example for SIP:

Email Address

Add an email address to your contact. If your agent is prompted to send an Email to the Recipient, they will receive it at this email address.


Similar to entities, you can add synonyms to each of your contacts. For example, if your contact’s full name is Anita Brown who leads the Marketing department, you can add the words “Marketing”, “Marketing team lead”, “Advertising” or any other phrase that callers may use when looking for Ms. Brown.

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