Agent Building Features

Here are a few nifty features within the AI Studio platform

Change agent details

You can change your agent's details at any point by clicking on the three dots on the top left. This includes:-

Agent Details - Displays your agent name, agent type, agent ID, chosen language, region, time zone, voice, volume and integration details. This also includes the the option to share your recordings to make them public.

Noise Sensitivity (For Voice only) - Users calling in with a lot of background disturbance? You can now customize the sensitivity of your agent to noise from the telephony settings in the agent details.

Setting the noise sensitivity appropriately is imperative especially if you have the barge-in feature enabled in your agent. Be sure to test in live environments to accurately imitate the environments that user will be calling in from.

By default the Noise sensitivity is set to 40, we recommend testing your agent out with 20 to suit most background noise levels.

Phone Settings - Access settings to change or remove your agent's phone number.

Versions - This button can be used to access your past version history. More on versions and publishing here.

Duplicate - Use this feature if you want to duplicate your agent.

Export Agent - This feature allows you to export and import an agent to a different account.

Delete - Option to delete your agent.

JWT Endpoint

You can now send your X-Vgai-key to an endpoint in order to get the JWT token. This works well in cases where you require the token to access private recordings for voice agents or secure inbound media for WhatsApp agents.

Additionally the endpoint will also allow you to return agent data including: agent language, voice (if it's a telephony agent), timezone, name, status of the recording (private or public), region and the date of publishing the agent.

Here's how to go about it:-

JWT Endpoint






Please keep in mind that this endpoint will return the JWT token only for SMS, WhatsApp and Telephony agents. HTTP agents do not have JWT tokens.

Canvas Toolbar

With this tool you can organise the agent and it help will you find your way around the canvas.

From left to right -

  • Home - Go to the START node

  • Zen Mode - Removes the left and right tab with the building blocks from the screen and centralises on the canvas

  • Zoom to fit - Zoom out to view the entire agent

  • Zoom in and out - focus on certain parts of the agent or look at the big picture

  • Search bar - Type in the name of your node, a specific parameter or user expression, and have the agent guide you to the right place.

You can open the search bar by clicking on the top left magnifying glass icon. Search for a node, parameter, contact, location, intent, and more with a single click.

Missing features colour codes

If there is a problem with a node, it will be indicated in either yellow or red.

Yellow - More information needs to be entered, nodes are not connected

Red - Invalid data (missing parameter, validation error on the form itself), connected in an illogical manner e.g. Speak node after End Call node. This can also happen for example when you delete a parameter that's being used in the flow.

Move & duplicate multiple nodes

You can move multiple nodes by clicking and holding Shift and using your cursor to select and mark the cluster of nodes you want to move around the canvas. The selected nodes will appear with a purple outline. Click and hold any of the selected nodes and drag your cursor to move the cluster.

For Windows users hold Crtl + Shift whilst you select your nodes.

If you choose to duplicate multiple nodes, again click Shift, hold and mark the desired nodes. Then, click Command C, Command V for Mac, and Ctrl C, Ctrl V for Windows.

Jump to node

When doing a right-click on the exit point of a node, you have the ability to either jump to or connect to another node.

Jump to - Go to the following node in the flow that this node is connected to. Very helpful in large agents where nodes might not be in close proximity to one another.

Connect to - Using the node name in your search, you can now connect to another node without dragging the arrow. Simply select the node you'd like to connect to and the agent will connect them for you.

Label your nodes

You can rename your nodes to understand the topic of each node from a quick glance.

Click on a node and change the name of the node by selecting it and adding your name of choice.

Duplicating an agent

To duplicate an agent in your account, go to the main page, and click on the three little dots on the right at the end of the row of the agent. Select "Duplicate".

A new drawer will pop up to adjust the details of your agent copy. Once done, a duplicate of the original agent with your adjustments is going to be created at the top of the page.

Export and Import Agents

Export and import virtual assistants from one account to another. On the main agent page, click on the three little dots right next to the agent you would like to export in the agent list. Once downloaded, you can click on "Import agent" to import the file. Simply add a phone number and you are good to go!

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