Sending an Outbound Call Request via Postman

Are you using postman?

When using curly braces in the query parameters, make sure you encode the content of your curly braces. If sent without the encoding, your request will return empty.

Are you within the limits?

Studio’s outbound call limits that is! We currently only allow one call/session per second however if your virtual agent needs to make more calls we can increase the limit up to 5 outbound calls per second.

If you require an increased limit, please email with the following details:-

  • API key

  • Agent ID(/s)

  • Increase request: You can choose to increase your limit to 3 or 5 calls per second

Once you receive confirmation from our teams that your request has been processed, please publish your agents and wait for about 5 minutes before you start triggering any new outbound calls.

Please note that if your agent is not approved for a higher limit, any call made over the 1 call per second limit will fail and return a 429 error!

Step by Step

  1. Start adding POST as the type of the API request.

2. Add the endpoint based on agent region

EU region -->

US region -->

3. Continue with the headers --> X-Vgai Key (Don't forget to add the value of the Vgai key after you generated it)

You can find the X-Vgai-Key on the top right of your canvas. Click on the "user" icon, and then "Generate API Key".

4. Then add the BODY of the request. Make sure your body tag is set as JSON. Learn more about syntax here.

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