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In order to create a voice-based agent, after you clicked on "Create Agent" select the "Telephony" option. You can reach your voice agent using any telephony device.

Add a phone number to your voice agent

Once you are ready to publish your agent and allow for it to interact with external users, you will be prompted to add a phone number. Only agents with a phone number have the possibility to be published.

To add a phone number, you require a Vonage API Account. Once you have created an account, you are able to purchase one or more phone numbers on the dashboard.

Once you have accessed the Vonage AI dashboard and can purchase the phone numbers for your agent. The numbers you purchased will show in the studio under "Phone Settings" - please link your agent with a phone number from the studio application ONLY.

Click on "Publish" and if you are doing this for the first time, you will be prompted to select one of the numbers you purchased. You can also change the number associated in the agent's settings on the left.

How to set up your voice agent

You can create two different types of voice agents on the AI Studio.


Virtual Agent handles incoming customer support queries, e.g. FAQs (opening hours, location, etc). In this case, the user is initiating the conversation with the VA. Once you added a phone number and published your agent, your users are ready to interact with the agent outside the AI Studio.


Virtual Agent engages with your customers by sending notifications and updates, e.g. confirmation messages, appointment changes, special deals, etc. Here, the VA initiates the conversation with the user.

To create an outbound call campaign, you can use our API here.

Voices Offered

AI Studio offers a wide variety of synthetic voices to choose from. We support a variety of Amazon Polly voices for our supported languages along with a selection of premium paid neural voices. Please be aware that some SSML may not be supported by certain Polly voices. Read more about Supported Polly tags here.

For Hebrew, AI Studio allows you to choose from a selection of voices provided by Microsoft Azure and Almagu. Learn how to use SSML with Azure voices here.

All Text to Speech voices on Studio are integrated with Voice API. To learn more about the pricing for the paid voices, please visit this page.

Monitoring & Reporting

You are able to see the conversation of a WhatsApp agent in the reports. To track your agent's performance even more efficiently, make sure you add tags to your agent.

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