Vonage AI Studio
Agent Templates
Templates that you can add as an easy base to your virtual agent.
If you want to create a new agent, you can either choose to create one from scratch or add a template agent to your account. If you choose to work on a template, you can make changes and customize it accordingly.

You can choose from the following templates -

  • Take message - Be available for your customers 24/7. Not only won't you miss a single call, but your agent will support your contact center by taking the caller's message or performing human-like self-service.
  • Updating Details - Elegant self-service for ever recurring caller requests such as updating account details. Callers will be able to change their details with the help of the Virtual Assistant.
  • Survey - Keep track of your Call Center Agents' Performance and your Customer Satisfaction and add a post-call survey to your repertoire. The data you receive from the survey can help you gain valuable insights and be used to optimize your call center's performance.
  • Caller Identification - Verify your callers to give optimal personal self-service. Use this template when you want to add an additional layer of security to your agent with the identification and verification of the caller.
  • FAQ - Relieve your Contact Center from constantly recurring questions and queries. Use this template when you want to enable your virtual agent to answer simple FAQs.
  • Package Tracking - Order Tracking with the help of a Virtual Assistant. Enable your callers to retrieve their package delivery date based on their order number.
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