Create a new agent

The Agents tab allows you to create, modify, customise, and deploy Vonage AI’s virtual agents. Agents are presented in a box view by default, allowing you to easily access the desired agent and get key information about it at a glance.

Each Vonage AI account can include an unlimited amount of agents, so you can create multiple experiences under one unified account.

To create your first virtual agent, click on the “Create Agent” button on the top right side of the screen.

If you have previously exported an agent to your device, you can also import an agent by clicking on "Import Agent" on the top right.

Step 1 - Just one click!

Once you have clicked the "Create Agent" button on the top right, you will be prompted to select the agent type. Our platform accommodates voice as well as text-based agents. Select Telephony for a voice-based flow, WhatsApp for a text-based WhatsApp integrated bot, SMS for a chatbot you can interact with using your mobile, and HTTP for a web-based chatbot.

Step 2 - Add all relevant agent information

  • Region: Choose whether your agent is being used in the US or in Europe. The region will ensure the agent's quick response time.

  • Agent Name: You can give your agent a unique name that will reflect its purpose. The name can be changed at any point and is meant for your eyes only.

  • API Key: This shows your Nexmo account or sub-account key. This is useful when you want to associate a phone number to your agent via the API dashboard.

  • Language: Select the language of your agent. Once you choose a language, you won’t be able to change it for that specific agent. We currently support English, German, Hebrew, Spanish, Arabic, French, and Dutch in Alpha version - many more languages to come in the near future!

  • Select Voice (For voice agents only): Select the Voice of your agent. Depending on the language you chose previously, you can pick from different voices and accents in that language. You can add a test sentence you would like to hear the agent speak in a particular voice - click play to listen.

  • Time Zone: Choose the time zone that your agent will operate in. For example, if you build the agent in London, but it’s meant to be used in New York, it’s better to define the agent time zone as EST. All reports for the agent will be generated accordingly. You can change the time zone and the name of your agent at any time.

Step 2 - Pre-created template or starting from scratch?

You can choose to either create an agent from scratch or add a ready-made template agent to your account. If you choose to work on a template, you can still make changes and customize it to fit your unique needs.

Step 3 - And lastly, select if you want to start with an inbound or outbound agent

This can be either an inbound call or outbound call event, depending on whether you need your agent to make the calls or be called directly. You don’t have to settle on just one event type for your agent. Later on, if needed you can add other events.

For more information on events, click here.

Step 4 - Go wild!

Congratulations! You can now create your conversational flow - node by node.

If you need help, follow these easy steps for a Voice, WA, SMS or HTTP agent. Happy exploring!

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