Customer Service

Answer queries and escalate to human representatives over chat

Use this template to quickly answer any questions your users may have about shipment inquiries, account management, warranties etc, and escalate to a live agent without leaving the conversation.

To use this template, simply choose it from the templates page when you create a new agent. You can then make changes to customize it based on your business needs.

Flow Overview

Collection and Classification of User Intent

This template is pre-programmed to understand utterances related to Order issues, Shipment Inquiries, Warranty Inquiries, Account Related information and Routing to a Live Agent.

The flow starts with a check of working hours using a Conditions node. By default, working hours are set to between Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8:30 pm.

Next using a text-based Collect Input node, the user is asked what they need help with. This then leads to a Classification node.

The Classification node classifies user intent into one of the five categories mentioned above, these are set up as subflows in order for you to easily edit the individual flows to fit your business needs.

Flow Explanation


The Orders flow is prebuilt to handle a variety of actions related to Order Enquiry and Management.

The subflow begins with a Collect Input node providing users with the ability to select their preferred action using a comprehensive list message. This includes multiple actions under the New Orders, Past and Current Orders, Returns and Payment FAQs. Additionally, there is also an option to return to the Main Menu.

The New Orders category allows the user to do the following:-

  • Place a New Order - This flow allows the user to pick from a selection of products, the Virtual assistant then uses a SalesForce Action Node to ascertain whether the product is available or not. If the product is unavailable, the flow directs the user to choose a different product. Once an in-stock product is chosen, the virtual assistant then sends a message to the user with the product link.

  • Product Availability - This flow allows the user to know whether a product is available or not. It starts off by asking the user if they know which product they want to inquire about. If the user responds with no, the virtual assistant offers them a catalogue link. If the user is aware of the specific product they want information on, the flow continues down the Place a New Order flow.

  • Discounts FAQ - This flow is set up to answer frequently asked questions about Discounts including discount validity, multiway discounts and how to purchase a discount.

Past and Current Orders option allows you to access the following:-

  • Order Status: This flow checks to see if the order was simply placed, shipped or delivered and helps the user down categorised paths based on this status.

  • Order History: This flow is set up to simply let the user know when each item was ordered.

  • Cancel order: This flow uses the SalesForce Action nodes to look up past orders, then collects user input on which order needs to be cancelled, finishing up with a cancellation request in SalesForce.

Returns are set up to allow users to:-

  • Return Order: This flow first checks the status of your order using a SalesForce Action Node then if the item hasn't already been shipped out it confirms with the user regarding the cancellation finishing off with another actions node to log the request.

  • Refund Status: This flow checks the status of the order (using SalesForce) and responds with a prebuilt set of verbiage for each status type.

Payment FAQs handle the following:-

  • General Payment FAQs: This flow answers simple queries relating to gift cards, payment terms and conditions as well as means of payment.

Shipment Enquiries

This flow handles inquiries on the following topics - Shipping Fees, International Shipments, Express Shipping and Delivery Updates

The Shipping Fees flow allows you to collect order-specific information such as country of delivery, delivery type etc and checks into SalesFoce to see what shipping fee would apply for that particular delivery.

The International Shipments flow checks to see if the requested country is part of an eligible countries list. If the order can be shipped to the requested country users are given an option to transfer to place an order, this then leads to the Orders flow.

Express Shipping checks to see if the requested country is part of an eligible countries list for express shipping. The user is then provided with an option to either place an order or receive a quote.

The Update Delivery Flow allows the user to either update the delivery time and date (if the order to edit is found within the last three orders via SalesForce search) or transfer to a live agent using the Live Agent Routing node.

Account Management

This flow allows users to look into the following: Create an account, Membership updates, Address Management, Update personal data

The Create an Account flow collects the user's name, date of birth, Email address, and phone number to log a request for a new account.

Membership updates checks to see if the user is a member and then helps them out with issues relating to membership fees, autorenewal, and cancellation of memberships, logging all of these requests into SalesForce. If the user is not verified the virtual assistant then takes them down a verification flow before completing any of these actions.

Address Management allows the user to see what their current address is stored as and offers them the opportunity to update it and logs the request into SalesForce. This done after user verification

The Update personal data flow verifies the user and allows them to update their phone number and email.

The Verification flow collects the user's phone number and email and checks it against SalesForce to authenticate the user


The warranty flow answers questions about Coverage, Eligible period and Claims

Warranty Coverage provides general information regarding coverage and also allows users to check to see if their product is covered under warranty after verifying them

Warranty Period verifies the user and then checks to see if the warranty of the product is still valid.

Warranty Claims verifies the user and lets them know if they can still place a claim based on the status of the product.

Routing to a Live Representative

This flow allows you to take advantage of the Live agent routing node or send an email to customer service regarding a customers query.

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