Send Email

Send an Email to a Recipient

Once you click on the box, you will be able to fully customize the email you would like to send.

You can choose either from a contact or add the email address of the recipient manually. Then you can add a subject, e.g. "Your order confirmation".

You can fully customize the email body, e.g. enlarge a sentence, define headings, etc.

Sending values collected in the conversation

In the Email, you are able to use parameter values collected in the conversation, simply use $PARAM_NAME in the Email body.



I have updated account Number $ACCOUNT_NUMBER with the renewal of your subscription.

Have a good day!

Sending Parameter Attachments via Email

If you want to send a recorded user input via email, you can simply add the recording parameter below the email body. It will send the recording in file format for ease of use.

Select the correct node and either add the recordings link from the call reports or leave it empty and it will automatically fill in the value after the conversation.

Take advantage of all the features available to you. Use SSML in voice agents and prioritise certain call flows, do whatever it takes to make your user journey better!

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