Caller Identification

Verify your callers to give optimal personal self-service

Use this template when you want to add an additional layer of security to your agent with the identification and verification of the caller.

To use this template, simply choose it from the templates page when you create a new agent. You can then make changes to customize it based on your business needs.

Flow Overview

Step 1 - Starting the Conversation

We start with a Speak node introducing the company to the caller. Using the Speak node we don't expect any input from the caller in this node.

Step 2 - Collect First Identification Parameter

The Speak node is followed by a Collect Input node collecting the first identification parameter, e.g. a caller-specific identification number.

In case we can't collect the ID, the agent will route the call to a live representative. Therefore, the No Input and Missed tabs are connected to a Speak node, notifying the caller that in this case the call is being routed, followed by the Route Call action node.

Step 3 - ID Confirmation & Verification

Once the ID is collected, the agent is going to read it out to the caller for confirmation in the following Collect Input node.

The Conditions node will classify based on the caller's response. If the ID is correct, the agent will send the ID via the Webhook node to the third-party service in order to verify the caller with the CRM. If incorrect, the agent will prompt the caller to give the ID number again.

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