Start node

The Start node is essential for the functionality of every agent and is already automatically placed on the building canvas prior to creating the conversational flow.

This node indicates the beginning of the flow and has to be connected to the following nodes in order to initialize the flow. If not connected, the agent cannot be reached by the user.

Record the call

You can decide whether you want to record all calls by clicking the "Record Call" box in the node. If chosen, you can listen to the call recording in the reports.

Disconnected Call Support

Add a URL that an HTTP request will be sent to when the call is disconnected for any reason (either the agent disconnects the call, the call hangs up, etc.). The call disconnected Webhook will be a POST request.

All information provided by our insights API (transcriptions, recordings, general info) is automatically wiped after 30 days (this will be increased to 90 days in the next few weeks), in order to maintain privacy and compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

In an outbound call scenario, what if an answering machine takes the call?

We are able to recognise when an answering machine picks up the call and the call is going to be immediately disconnected.

Consult with your Account Manager on the best practices.

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