Branch out! Create different subflows to allow for easier navigation around the canvas.
The main flow will be displayed on the canvas while each of the other flows will be grouped together under a single node. These flows will be branching out from the main flow, each flow representing another use case. This way you will be able to find the right flow much quicker and have a smoother building experience.

How to use flows?

For example, your virtual assistant handles three use cases - order tracking, reporting a damaged package as well as answering FAQs. The three separate flows can be unified and displayed as one node in the canvas. When you click on "Enter flow" you will be moved to this flow and it's included nodes immediately.

How to add flows to your agent

  1. 1.
    Select "Flows" next to "Nodes" and "Properties" on the left navigation panel. At first, you will see "Main Flow" as the only existing flow.
The main flow will always be the flow with the START node. To allow users to interact with your new flows, make sure to connect them to the main flow.
2. To add a flow click on "Add flow" and a new part of the canvas will pop up with room for the new flow.
3. Create this flow as you would the main flow. Select the relevant nodes from the "Nodes" section and start building. Once done, also from the nodes section, select the node "Flow Exit" and connect this node to the end of your newly created flow.
4. You can select the created flow like you would select a node. Under "Flows", click "Main Flow" and the page with the main flow will pop up. Under the nodes section, select "Flow" and drag it to the relevant place in the flow and connect it to the relevant node in the main flow.
5. To edit the "flow" node, click on it and it will open up on the right side of the page. It will prompt you to select the flow you would like to add here. Select the flow you created and click save. To enter the flow you created, just click on "Enter flow" and the page will show you the underlying nodes that build this flow.