Send SMS

Send an SMS to a Recipient

Choose the recipient number, the masked phone number receivers will see, and the text message body.

Choose between a contact from the Contacts, manually adding a phone number, or enter a previously collected parameter (such as $CALLER_PHONE_NUMBER, etc.) that stores a phone number.

Sending values collected in the conversation

In the SMS, you are able to use parameter values collected in the conversation, simply use $PARAM_NAME in the SMS body.



I have updated account Number $ACCOUNT_NUMBER with the renewal of your subscription.

Have a good day!

In some countries like the US, it is not permitted to send and SMS without displaying the phone number and carriers will block these SMS.

Make sure to add the virtual assistant's phone number to the sender.

Sending an SMS to a collected phone number

If you want to send an SMS to a number that you collect in the conversation (instead of the caller ID) you will need to add the country code in a custom code node.

Place a Custom Code node after the Collect Input node, that collects the phone number from the user.

For US numbers, you will have to add this code to the custom code node.

var number = $PHONE_NUMBER
if (number) {
    return ‘1’ + number.split(‘-’).join(‘’)

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