The data storage user parameters allow you to save valuable data about your users and use it later on in the customer journey.
You can save any kind of parameter - starting with a user's phone number and name but also more specific information based on your specific use case e.g. user's postcode, preferred way of contact, etc.
You can use this data in the next conversation(s) if your customer contacts you again.
This feature is only available for voice, WhatsApp, or SMS channels.

How to use it

The data storage is accessible via the top navigation bar under “Users”. Upon opening, it will display all user parameters starting with the most recent.
Whenever a user interacts with the virtual agent, a new contact will be opened here based on the user’s phone number. A phone number is mandatory to open a record.
In the following interactions with the user, the agent will have access to the data saved and can execute the conversation flow accordingly.
Example -
This can be the ability to greet the user by their name and use the saved data for identification. Or, if there are some questions that every user has to answer prior to receiving service and these have been already answered by the user prior, the agent won’t have to ask them again.
Make sure to tick “Skip this node if the value is already collected” in the respective Collect Input nodes you want to skip the prompt in this case.

How to test it

If you want to test this feature for your agent, make sure to add a phone number to the $CALLER_PHONE_NUMBER parameter. This way, you will open a new contact in the user data storage.
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