Best Practices

When you create entities there are some practices you should follow

#1 Synonyms for numbers entity

If you create a numbers entity, make sure you enter in the value the numbers themselves like 1, 2, etc, and add synonyms with the words like one, two, etc.

This can be specifically relevant if you are using voice as well as DTMF in your conversation flow. "Are you looking for the sales or marketing department? You can either say the department or press 1 for sales and 2 for marketing." In the entity, you would add sales as the entity value and 1 as the synonym.

#2 Be specific in your synonyms

Make sure not to add synonyms that are only one letter like just “a” or “b”, unless you ask the user to choose a letter in the prompt question.

#3 The agent reads out the value

When your agent needs to read out a value from the entity, it will read out the value and not any synonym. Make sure to keep the values clean and user-friendly.

#4 Value shows in reports

If you include parameters in reports, the value will also be represented as the value and not the synonym.

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